April 22nd, 2010

What if You could Quit Smoking today – cold turkey without any hassle, patches, doctors or books – the successful way?

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and on top of that you could let go of any other bad habit you would like to leave behind just the same way!

The only qualifying prerequisite is that you have to be serious about your wish, it has to be your hearts desire to quit!

The story of John surely is a success story. He let go of smoking just this way after more than 40 years  and let go of drinking and gambling the same year as well. He has now a totally different way of looking back at his past. He is aware of the underlying condition why he started in the first place and has successfully moved on from that.

The main reasons for taking up smoking or any other bad habit are issues about Self loveSelf respect and Self confidence. The most successful stop smoking champagnes for the last 20 years evolve around these topics. You will eventually have to come to the realisation that all your fears around quitting are nothing else but self fulfilling prophecies!

Smokers often believe  that:

  • they don’t have the willpower to do this step
  • they don’t want to embarrass themselves with another unsuccessful try
  • the cravings will be unbearableJohn and Bess
  • the mood swings they will be subjected to will drive people away
  • they don’t know what to do with their hands not having a cigarette to hold on to
  • they won’t be able to concentrate as well
  • they make a terrible sacrifice when they stop smoking
  • they will put on weight because of the changed metabolism or the reward they will need…

Remember, this is the outlook you are placing on your outcome,  your self fulfilling prophecies!

If you attempt a behavioral change with effort of will you do violence to yourself and you will not be successful. You might have experienced that when you quit smoking cold turkey you will put on weight because you tend to reward yourself for your sacrifice. If you then starve yourself you will lose your temper and your private and professional relationships will suffer. This way you can’t win. If you do succeed you are probably paying a price you are not prepared paying.

You may find yourself in following situations:

  • You are addicted – to smoking, to eating, to alcohol, to long working hours etc. Time after time you decide you will not do “something” again and it is not long before you break down and do it again anyway.
  • You can pave the street with your broken resolutions. Your intentions are honorable, but the person who loves a cigarette and a coffee frequently and easily overwhelms the person who wants to quit bad habits. And this gives you more reasons to beat yourself up.
  • You spend much time complaining about your circumstances, blaming someone for them and making excuses for finding yourself in it.

If Quitting any habit does not work by effort of will you might look for short cuts, easy ways, tricks or crutches? Everybody is looking for the easy way and you will be surprised how easy it actually is! You don’t even have to read Allen Carr’s bestselling books. He claims his way is the most successful way of the last 20 years to quit the habit. If you don’t have time to read this lengthy book and can’t wait to quit right there and then, just follow the simple steps we have provided for you. On top of  giving up smoking with our simple steps you will permanently overcome the underlaying condition and transform yourself into a non smoker with a feeling of utter elation, better equipped to stress and more relaxed you have ever been. You will look at smokers not with envy, but with the feeling of – been there – done that – and having chosen not to smoke any more.

If you have not read yet the story of John and the simple steps we provided for you We give you here again the steps he took.

Change is Choice

If you decide after reading our report that you are not ready, don’t waste your time because this program is not for you. We suggest you just bookmark this site and come back later when you are ready.

If you decide to stay and follow the simple steps you might think – yes! – this is really simple but still not easy to do! Well, why don’t you give yourself then an unfair advantage over others quitting cold turkey with a risk of failing? Align Your own Energy with the vibrational Energy of Flower Essences and you will see the astounding benefits. In fact this is a magic formula for success in any area of your life.

The tremendous benefits of your wise and brave decision are:

  • discover the power of change
  • transform yourself into a winner
  • have a positive outlook on your future in every respect
  • enjoy unlimited health benefits
  • have a tremendous feeling of achievement
  • guaranteed limitless self esteem
  • proven financial gain
  • successful relaxing and de-stressing without bad habits
  • great pride in your achievement
  • be a good example for the people you care about
  • joyful satisfaction with the real things in life
  • unselfishness, love and respect for yourself and others

We provide Simple Steps and give proven Support through the Vibrational Energy of Flower Essences!

What are Flower Essences and how do they work?

Flower Essences are a gentle form of support. They have the ability to address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects simultaneously. They offer complete healing. An extremely important feature of Flower Essences is that they are very safe for everyone, and can easily be combined with other healing modalities.

Flower Essences are liquid vibrational remedies imprinted with the life force and healing qualities of flowers. Essences resonate and work with our body’s electrical system by raising its vibratory rate, thus helping the body re-balance itself. Each Flower Essence holds its own emotional causation and powerful healing property that restores balance and harmony on all levels. “Disharmony”, unhealthy habits and physical illnesses are manifestations of emotional imbalances and our body’s warning signal that some part of us needs attention and healing.

Flower Essences are gentle tools that help to enhance your life, purpose and spirituality. Using Essences enables you to become more aware of your limiting behaviors and thought patterns that block your path towards fulfilling your purpose in life. To start with Flower Essences are often used to find and understand the underlying problem behind your physical problems and unhealthy choices. Once you understand your “blocks”, you can then “shift” into the higher vibration that the Essences support and move towards positive change.

Ways to Use The Essences

Usually Essences are taken orally – place 7 drops under the tongue morning and night or sip a glass of water with the drops mixed in. Take a few moments to turn inward and feel the effects. Flower Essences are fast acting and safe for anyone to use. They can also be rubbed directly on the skin, added to skin creams and massage oils, added to baths and to water in mister sprays. The spray method is excellent for clearing and refreshing rooms around the house.

Taken regularity morning and night one bottle of Essences will last approximately 2 weeks and raise your vibrational level to the desired outcome. Take the Safe and Protect Me Mixture any time you feel overwhelmed or not in control of the situation. Phase I Essence is Empower Yourself & Master Change. Be aware that it takes 21 days to establish a change in your habits. Phase II Stay Calm & Let Go will manifest the change and make sure Stress is not an issue any more.

DISCLAIMER: Essences are used for spiritual and inner growth. Essences are in no way, shape, or form substitutes for proper medical care. We make no claims, diagnoses &/or prescriptions in place of proper medical care. Responsible action should always be taken and heeded.

We have composed International Flower Essences for your Success.

International Flower Essence Combinations for

Quitting Habits

Phase I:

Use in Emergency Situations as required:

Safe & Protect Me ~ This Combination Essence has a calming effect on the mind, body and emotions during minor and major crises. It will quickly ease fear, panic, severe mental or physical stress, nervous tension and pain. The wide variety of uses for this combination ranges from pre-examination nerves to gross physical injury. Administer this remedy every hour or more frequently if necessary, until you feel better. It can also be used topically or mixed into a cream.

Negative Condition: Panic, Fear, Physical Injury, Trauma, Severe Mental Stress, Terror, Shock & Pain

Positive Outcome: Ability to cope, to stay calm, stable, comforted, full of faith and courage

This mixture is great for acute situations related to break the habit you are addressing.

On Raising and Retiring:

Empower Yourself & Master Change~ This Combination Essence enables you to quit any habit and break negative patterns. It grounds and centers you and helps you to visualize yourself as your new You. It supports Change with Confidence and will help you to overcome selfishness. You are building self esteem, self love and commitment. You feel personal power and are able to take responsibility for your own actions.

Negative Condition: Stuck in old patterns and unhealthy habits

Positive Outcome: Confidence and ability to change, self respect and commitment to letting go of unhealthy habits, Consideration of self and others

This is the core mixture for addressing any habit you want to let go of.

Phase II on Raising and Retiring:

Stay Calm & Let Go ~ This Combination Essence encourages time for yourself & space for relaxation, to unwind, contemplation of yourself and enjoying relaxing time. It helps with the inability to unwind, to relax without external pressure & demands, to stay calm and enjoy relaxing pursuits.

Negative Condition: unsettled, scattered, unbalanced

Positive OutcomeInner peace, Centredness, Balance, Focus, Joy and Playfulness

This mixture is great for stress release and to support meditation and affirmative statements.

We give you 20 % discount on your first order.

1 bottle of Flower Essence (30ml) standard price $29.95

Get Your Starter Pack of Flower Essences Now:

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Yes, I want to order!

This is a link to Pay pal, you can pay via you account or via Credit Card. It is safe to use. If you don’t have a Pay pal account you can register for free under http://paypal.com.

As a Bonus we offer you customized Affirmations for the two phases. After ordering we send you immediately the link to the PDF to download. As you know it takes 21 days to settle a change. Therefore use the Affirmations to contemplate or meditate on them. This will greatly support you in visualizing yourself as the person you always wanted to be. Focus on the desired outcome and you will attract it into your life. Every vibration you are sending out is coming back to you. So make sure you are focused on positive feelings while stating the Affirmations aloud holding them in your mind. If you choose to customize the sentences make sure the statements are always positively worded.

Furthermore we give you 20% discount of your first consultation with Christine Lindner, a qualified Health Coach and experienced Flower Essence Practitioner. Please contact Christine via email: empowerUrself2@gmail.com or leave a note below.

If you feel the need for a custom made mixture or if you have any questions to the Essences Pack don’t hesitate to contact us under: empowerUrself2@gmail.com and we will get immediately in contact with you to discuss your individual needs.  Please send your testimonials to the same address.

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August 3rd, 2010

Jiaogulan – the miracle herb for excellent Micro-Circulation!

Jiaogulan Research – a natural Remedy for improving Circulation
Jiaogulan, in China and now all over the world hailed as Miracle Herb

Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum), is a plant that grows wild in China, as well as many other countries throughout Asia. In China, it has been used for many years as a medicinal and energizing tea in the local regions where it grows. Jiaogulan is sometimes called “Southern Ginseng“, since it grows in south central China and because of its similarity to ginseng in chemical composition and function. It is also praised as Xiancao, “Immortality” Herb, because it grows wild and has many health-giving qualities and anti-aging effects.

In the late 1970s, Japanese scientists began discovering Jiaogulan illness-prevention and therapeutic qualities. What they uncovered was an herb very similar in quality to ginseng, yet in some ways superior. They found Jiaogulan to function as both an adaptogenic herb and as an antioxidant herb, containing many health-giving saponins (chemical compounds having a soapy characteristic), as well as trace minerals, amino acids, proteins, and vitamins. Jiaogulan contains a large quantity of these saponins, known also as gypenosides. The structure of the gypenosides is very similar to the panaxosides (also known as ginsenosides) found in ginseng. There are four times as many saponins in Jiaogulan as there is in ginseng. Some of those saponins are identical to the panaxosides in ginseng and some of them turn into panaxosides when taken into the body. This results in a greater number of saponins than ginseng, which may translate into a more powerful regulatory effect on a number of bodily systems; like blood pressure, the reproductive system, the digestive system, the immune system, mental functions and more. 1, 2 Wild Jiaogulan Herb
Gynostemma pentaphyllum 

Jiaogulan Herb

Scientific research studies in China have shown that Jiaogulan decreases cholesterol by improving the liver’s ability to send sugar and carbohydrates to the muscles for conversion to energy instead of turning the sugar into triglycerides which the body stores as fat. 3 It lowers LDL’s (bad cholesterol) while raising HDL’s (good cholesterol). It improves fat metabolism, reduces blood fat levels and depresses lipid peroxide and fat sediment in the blood vessels. 4

While it is great for rectifying high cholesterol and obesity problems, it can also improve and strengthen the digestion, allowing an underweight person to increase absorption of nutrients and gain weight in the form of lean muscle mass. This regulatory effect on bodily functions is the hallmark of an adaptogen. 5

A study at Guiyang Medical College in China has shown that a Jiaogulan recipe increased strength and endurance in the body. Considering the above statements overall, Jiaogulan becomes the perfect herb for anyone who wants to improve their competitive edge in any field of athletic performance. 6

Adaptogenic functions of Jiaogulan are demonstrated in its biphasic effects on brain functions, which energize or calm the system depending upon the body’s need. 7 Jiaogulan also aids the regulation of hormonal functions in both men and women. The healthy maintenance of these physiological actions plays a major role in the body’s ability to cope with stress. 8 Jiaogulan has also shown its effectiveness, in clinical research studies, in helping the body resist depression of the immune system and other stress-related symptoms. It increases the production of Lymphocytes, Phagocytes and serum IgG, but not to an excess.


What is all this concern with longevity? Well, maybe we can’t live forever, but can we live longer? A few decades ago, people didn’t realize how drastically our lifestyle choices influence our health and longevity. Now, science has shown how certain personal behaviors increase our risk of contracting the various Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD), like atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, etc.

Even memory loss has been connected to CVD, especially as a result of hypertension. Besides the natural brain atrophy that occurs as we age, hypertension has been shown to increase brain atrophy. Atherosclerosis, the closing up of the arteries due to arterial plaque and cholesterol build-up, is at the root of these deadly conditions. This process of build-up is thought to start with tiny injuries to the lining of the arteries caused by an imbalance of free radicals vs. the body’s natural antioxidant protection. This imbalance or weakness of constitution can happen at any time and has many causes.

Improper diet, illness, stress, substance abuse, and pollution are some of the many conditions that cause a proliferation of the free radicals that lead to illness. Atherosclerosis is a condition that develops gradually over time, and the sad thing is that the simple awareness that lifestyle changes made over that period of time could have kept the process of build-up from ever happening.

Three major contributing factors to CVD are high cholesterol, hypertension, cigarette smoking, and obesity. High cholesterol seems to be the most significant, as it has a connection with the other two. The main cause of hypertension is due to the excessive build-up of cholesterol in the arteries; and as far as smoking goes, one of its detriments is that it lowers the protective HDL’s (“good” cholesterol) that aid in removing the LDL’s, “bad” cholesterol, thus encouraging the cholesterol build-up process.

Obesity is consistant with a diet rich in bad cholesterols that accumulate in our system. Controlling cholesterol (with the proper diet) before the onset of CVD is, of course, the best approach. A low-fat, low cholesterol diet, along with exercise, stress reduction will decrease plaque deposits gradually. However, there is some herbal supplementation that has been shown to have remarkable effects on cholesterol reduction. More about those herbs later on.

What are those personal behaviors to change that will reduce our risk of CVD? As far as diet goes, it is now clear that a low-fat, high-fiber, more vegetarian diet can reduce the occurrence of CVD. Go back to the turn of the century there was a much lower incidence of CVD. There were no sophisticated slaughtering and refrigeration procedures for the meat, dairy and egg industries. Meat was less available. We know that in many underdeveloped countries where people still live on a more natural diet, with less or no red meat, there is a much lower incidence of CVD.

These facts say a lot ”they confirm the dietary recommendations of many medical researchers, which can be summed up as follows:  Decrease cholesterol, total fats, saturated fats and caffeine. Increase fiber, complex carbohydrates and essential fatty acid foods. Use more monounsaturated oils and avoid hydrogenated fats. Keep homogenized milk, butter and milk fats to a minimum. And behavior patterns to be avoided, which contribute to CVD risk, are smoking, stress, lack of exercise, obesity, and substance abuse.”

HERBAL SUPPORT Making these lifestyle changes can be “easier said than done.” The period of changing behavior patterns can be difficult. This is where herbs can help. Jiaogulan helps fight CVD directly and indirectly. Being an adaptogenic herbal tonic, it has gives support to the body during the stress of change, that is, it helps us adapt. That’s indirect help.

In addition, the Chinese herb jiaogulan whose botanical name is Gynostemma pentaphyllum, has been receiving a lot of attention for its cholesterol reducing ability. Many clinical studies on the therapeutic effectiveness of Jiaogulan on patients with high cholesterol have been reported showing an effectiveness rate ranging between 67-93% success. These studies showed that Jiaogulan lowered blood cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL, while increasing HDL. Gingko biloba, aside from promoting circulation in the brain for memory enhancement, also assists in the control of cholesterol. Dan shen is an anti-coagulant herb that protects against the build-up of arterial plaque, and improves the microcirculation of blood in the body, two very important actions that decrease the risks of cardiovascular disease.

In 1993, Guiyang Medical College did a study on 1,310 healthy persons; of them 630 were above 50 years old. They found that after successive administration of Jiaogulan for one month, the body’s production of SOD (an important antioxidant) increased; MDA (a cell-destroying substance) decreased; cholesterol decreased, and serum triglyceride also decreased. Another study by the Guiyang Medical College that year showed that it improved the cardiac contraction and stroke volume, thus increasing cardiac output (blood flow) into the blood vessels, without raising blood pressure or heart rate. 9

Jiaogulan has also demonstrated anti-inflammatory activities through its many saponins. 10 Jiaogulan also helps the body to resist depression of the immune system and other stress-related symptoms. 11, 12 Furthermore there are other clinical research studies, which indicate jiaogulan’s ability to reduce tumor size. 13,14 It can even lower high blood pressure. 15

In China jiaogulan is praised as the “Herb of Immortality,” due to its many health giving qualities and anti-aging effects.

For more information on the world leading Jiaogulan Product click here.


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July 28th, 2010

Powerful Truth Focus Statements to let go of Addictions!

Please feel free to share these powerful statements about the truth in your heart with your friends!

I am protected and my life force now radiates good health and vitality.

I am ready for transform from a …i.e. (caterpillar) into a … I.e. (butterfly).

I release persistent, unwanted thoughts and visualize myself with my ideal body.  Inner peace and serenity are mine now.

I am committed to my plans of letting go of my old thought patterns.

I am now able to commit myself to whatever I choose to undertake.

I am now dedicated to the fulfillment of my life’s purpose.

I now break all links that have been hindering my personal growth and my successful weight management.

I now move easily with life’s changes.

I am becoming more loving and accepting of myself.

I am now celebrating my unique strength and beauty.

I am in power of myself and can take responsibility for my actions.

Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better.

I am now releasing all feelings of guilt and regrets about the past.

I am now true to myself in all areas of my life.

I am realizing more and more that I create my own reality.

I am growing with each life experience.

I have written down all the affirmations related to the custom made Flower Essences I have used in the past for myself and my clients. Have fun!

Take the Flower Essences first thing in the morning and meditate on the statements, do the same last thing in the evening. For this reason have the Essences and a print out of the affirmations next to your bed. Keep the drops for a little while in your mouth. The vibration will be drawn into your tissue rather than digested through your stomach.

Don’t suck the dropper for hygienic reasons and don’t brush your teeth or eat immediately after for about 10 min.

April 27th, 2010

Kinesiology – connect to your inner Truth!

Optimizing the Use of Kinesiology

Kinesiology, also known as Muscle Testing, works with the muscles as a bio-feedback system. Using Kinesiology, we can bypass the ego and set up direct communicate via the bodies to connect to Inner Truth with permission of the person tested.

Kinesiology is used in the Natural Health Field as an effective and versatile tool to identify and correct stress and imbalance in the body, using muscle testing bio-feedback. Touch for Health combined with Affirmations is a powerful way of going about your goals using balancing procedures.

Here we can begin to work with the issues in our lives that are creating the blocks that prevent us from fully getting the things we desire. When used along with essences, we encourage our entire being to choose healthier life styles that will bring us the love, happiness, health and success we all desire. read more »

April 25th, 2010

Flower Essences – Powerful access to your subconscious mind

If you want to bypass the ‘gate keeper’, your conscious mind and communicate with your subconscious mind, let the Flower Essences do it for you. Align your vibrational Energy with the vibrational Energy of the Flower Essences for any desired outcome.

Flower Essences are a gentle form of treatment and have the ability to address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects simultaneously. This way they offer complete healing. An extremely important feature of Flower Essences is that they are very safe for everyone, and can easily be combined with other healing modalities.

Flower Essences are liquid vibrational remedies imprinted with the life force and healing qualities of flowers. Essences resonate and work with our body’s electrical system by raising its vibratory rate, thus helping the body re-balance itself. read more »

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